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Carolin Dassel
Indian Classical Kathak Dance
Carolin Dassel
dancer director

Carolin Dassel started to learn Kathak dance in Germany in 1995 with Amrit Stein. One year later she was also accepted at Munich Film Academy (HFF) to study film directing. Within her course of film studies she felt the urge to make a film about Kathak Dance - Doyen Guru Rohini Bhate and to study dance under her guidance in India. 

In 1999 she travelled to Pune to shoot a documentary film on the life of Late Guru Rohini Bhate and to commence to learn from her. Whilst the film with the title KAL AUR AVAKASH (Time and Space) was completed in 2002 and broadcasted on national Television (BR), Carolin Dassel continuously received exclusive training from Guru Rohini Bhate till her demise in 2008. 

In 2008 Rohini Bhate introduced Carolin to Guru Rajendra Gangani, who started teaching Carolin Dassel and her students in his style of Jaipur Gharana, whilst Carolin Dassel keeps the tradition of Rohini Bhates style by studying with senior disciple Smt Neelima Adhye in Pune.

Carolin Dassel has started teaching students to share her knowledge received from Robin Bhate and established a dance school in Munich. In 2001 Rohini Bhate has officially inaugurated Carolin’s Dance School as Nrityabharati Kathak Dance Academy – Munich Branch.

2017 Carolin has opened her own dance space with the name dhanya Dance & Yoga Loft, where she weekly teaches beginners and advanced students and rents the charming studios to others dancers and yoga teachers.  

Since over 20 years Carolin Dassel has dedicated herself to the dance form by intensely teaching students in Germany, Austria and India and performing solo and group choreographies with her students in Europe and India. She has performed numerous times on festivals like the LANGE NACHT DER MUSIK and Streetlife Festival Munich. In 2001 she performed her Arangetram performance in Pune India. In 2012 she was the guest dancer of Swati Sinha's annual program in Delhi and in 2019 she performed again in Pune India with her student Tanja Trade.  

Since over 15 years Carolin Dassel is lecturerer at Munich Public University MVHS (Münchner Volkshochschule) in Kathak and Bollywood dance and organizes various tours and performances for guest artists.   

She completed her film studies in 2005, working internationally as producer and director for feature films all over Europe, America and India till date. 


- Dance does not signify mere pleasure -

nor is it just fascinating physical activity.

It awakens the soul and arouses a sense of elation -

rarely experienced otherwise.

What is Dance then -

if not a prayer?

Guru Rohini Bhate


dhanya Dance & Yoga Loft

Am Lilienberg 2, 80669 München

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